You are possibly thinking of re-mortgaging…. there are several reasons that people look to re-mortgage.  Perhaps you are looking to reduce the size of your loan and obtain a cheaper interest rate as a result, or you require to raise some additional funds…  whatever the reason is, as mortgage advisers who offer a comprehensive range of products from across the market we can search for the most suitable deals that suit your needs and circumstances.

Remortgaging your Property

The core reasons to consider remortaging are:

To secure a better deal

Your fixed-term deal is coming to an end and you wish to find a better deal and fix again.

To not lose money unnecessarily

There may be a better interest rate, which could save you money or allow you to pay more and pay your mortgage off quicker.

Value of home increases with lower LTV rate

The value of your home may have increased giving you a lower LTV rate, which could result in better interest rates.

Raising funds for a variety of reasons

From home improvements, going on holiday or to purchase a new car, remortgaging can help raise funds to help you achieve your goals.

Whatever the reason may be that you are looking to re-mortgage we can and would be happy to assist.